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Portable Rechargable Blender


Politestar 4 Blades Portable Rechargeable USB Juicer Bottle Blender | Fruit Juice Maker(380 ml, Multicolor)

Portable Rechargable Blender

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Products Highlights

Juicing 15 Times
The blender can be used 15 times after being charged 3-5 hours. you can make delicious juice for you and your family.
Easy Cleaning
Self-cleaning mode, fill in some water and press the button to start washing,no dead corner left.
Unique design
Easy to make juice,milkshake,smoothie and other baby food. It’s very portable and great for traveling, outdoor

1.Cut the fruit into the size around 2 cm
2.After adding water, the cup is filled around 80%
3.Tilt down the blender to 45 degrees for 2s then straight cup
4.Shake 5-8 times, run for 10-40 seconds

Product Specification
Cap Material: ABS
Bottle Shell Material: Food Grade ABS
Battery Type/ Capacity: 2000mAh 3.7V
Motor Speed: 22000 rpm/min
Charging Time: About 3-4 Hours
Full charged using time: 13-15 Times


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